Health, Wellness, Ageing Are Unique Concept Of Rasayana


Diet & digestion are specialities of Ayurveda and play an enormous role in any rejuvenation program

Ayurveda, as a system of medicine, has a vast conceptual canvas and framework that not only prescribes treatment for diseases but through the various Rasayana programmes and therapies designated, shows the way how to tackle the subject of health, wellness and ageing.

This is unequivocally evident in Charak Samhita (written by Charak – the father of ancient Indian medicine). The first section of the book starts with the chapter on Longevity and elaborates on ways to remain healthy through prescribed regimens of Diet, lifestyle and ethical and moral conduct. Interestingly even the later section dealing with the treatment of various diseases starts with Rasayana and Virilification – thereby emphasising the importance of immunity and rejuvenation.

Ever growing levels of stress and anxiety can induce conditions that include everything from hypertension and infertility to depression and even the ageing process thus reducing the quality of life. The Ayurveda treatment thus planned under Rasayana, is for restoring the disturbed mechanism through personalized wellness and healthy living programs involving wellness and regeneration experience.

As a therapeutic process Rasayana is concerned with the conservation, transformation, and revitalization of energy. The traditional approach to diet, daily regime, medicines for rejuvenation and herbal oil treatments provides the model for the rejuvenation program.

Diet & digestion are specialities of Ayurveda and they also play an enormous role in any self-healing program. It is important to understand the relationship between one’s body, digestion, and food.

  • * How to use food medicinally
  • * Manage, design and create an effective diet for self healing
  • * Perspectives on food allergies, parasites, and the effect of food on emotions.

Though the Rasayana term covers a broad spectrum of activity, each Rasayana has a specific tissue affinity and target action. The tissue-specific action of various botanical drugs is helpful in the selection of appropriate Rasayana for a particular patient. There are certain organ and tissue-specific Rasayana such as Medhya Rasayana for the brain, Hridya Rasayana for the heart, Twachya Rasayana for the skin, and Chakshusya Rasayana for the eyes. Similarly, they may be age-specific as they promote nutrition relevant to natural bio-losses occurring at different phases of human life.

Rasayana drugs are rich in antioxidants and are good hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, and immunomodulating agents

The Rasayan programmes are not only delivered through therapies like panchakarma ( Detox program ) or medication or diet, they are also achieved through acts of compassion kindness and gratitude along with Positive activity interventions for a holistic approach

Regimens designed to avert the distinct or not so distinct damages caused by ageing are a part of the Rasayana therapy and focus on a proactive preventative approach to health and wellness which encourages healthy ageing rather than a disease driven approach.

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