Maintaining Long Term Mental Well Being

mental health solutions

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  1. Good Health according to Ayurveda is a state of balance between the mind, body, spirit, and environment. This harmony is achieved through diet, lifestyle -, yoga, and medication. 
  2. Indian thinkers and philosophers have laid great stress on “Know thyself” or “Atmanam Viddhi “. And this personal world experience can be explored only by real introspection . The minds of other persons is inferred from their actions ,behaviour, speech and attitude
  3. Charak in the text on medicine has given a detailed account of the varieties of human mind – the mind of 3 kinds –satvik (pure), rajasik (passionate) and tamasik (ignorant).
  4. For preserving the normalcy of the mind and for protecting it from abnormality, efforts must be made for the proper performance of actions after intelligent and careful scrutiny.
  5. For maintaining mental health Charak has emphasised good conduct or Sadvrtta as a means to maintaining mental health and happiness .So all rash and evil impulses of the mind ,body and speech must be suppressed ,all impulses of greed ,grief anger fear jealousy ,malice attachment etc to be controlled and many other negative emotions and actions to be suppressed for long term mental health.
  6. As part of good health and for long term benefits one must start early in life so that it becomes a habit . And we know Repetition trains the brain to form good habits –
  7. Ayurveda recommends mental health solutions like psychosomatic approach to diagnosis and treatment of mental disturbances .based on this concept disease management includes restraining the mind from unwholesome desires and the cultivation of concentration ,meditation , courage and positive thoughts .A code of ethical conduct and treatments are also recommended.
  8. The following to be emphasised – Reduce stress which is the root cause of unhappiness , gain complete control over your life ,improve relationships with everyone around you , ask for help.
  9. Follow Dincharya (biological clock /circadian rhythm) so plan your day well, as a chaotic or dysfunctional lifestyle which is against the biological clock , will cause a lot of physical and mental disturbance, improve eating habits and sleeping habits , perform adequate physical activity, spend time in green spaces to experience less disruption in the inner balance.
  10. So don’t just survive everyday – start living with inner peace and harmony for that long-term mental well being.

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