Ayurvedic benefits Of Milk for The Human Body


Milk is a nutrient-rich liquid food secreted by the mammary glands. It contains fat-soluble nutrients and is a primary source of nutrition in mammals. Humans rely on the milk of domesticated animals as a source of nutrition. Ayurveda holds cow milk in high regard. 

Chemical composition of Milk :

It is a dietary substance that contains a good amount of lactose (major carbohydrate fraction), fats, proteins, and minerals. Cow and Buffalo milk is commonly used for human consumption. Once obtained naturally from the animal, it goes through a pasteurisation procedure to eradicate any pathogens contained in raw milk. It contains vitamins A, D, E, K which are fat-soluble.

Ayurvedic properties and therapeutic benefits of Milk :

It is Madhura Rasa dominant, which is sweet in taste and soothing to both body and mind. It nourishes the cells and aids in the recovery of strength. And also promotes tissue growth. It is Madhura (sweet), Guru (heavy), and Snigdha (contains essential fats) which are all the necessary qualities to pacify Vata Dosha. Excessive intake of it increases Kapha Dosha and moderate consumption balances Pitta Dosha. It provides a sense of stability and hearty nourishment. It can also be a complete meal.

Health Benefits of milk :

It is the best dietary supplement and adjuvant for medicines in Ayurveda, especially for children. It is also recommended to use internally as well as externally. The below are some of the benefits:

  • Increases immunity (Immunomodulator)
  • Nourishes body tissues and improves strength.
  • Heavy to digest which pacifies aggravated Vata Dosha.
  • Has coolant effect on the body hence useful to increased Pitta Dosha.
  • Acts as a natural aphrodisiac along with herb infusions such as Kesar, Almonds etc.
  • Rasayana refers to cow milk as an elixir that rejuvenates the body and extends the life expectancy. The first six months of life are exclusively dependent on mother’s milk which provides complete nutrition.
  • Relieves tiredness, dizziness, excessive thirst, and hunger.
  • Medicated one as medicine or regular health supplement is often useful for children and the geriatric population.

Ayurvedic Uses and home remedies:

  • Drinking it warm at night infused with ginger before bed increases the digestive power of the body.
  • A glass of it with a pinch of Nutmeg or Ashwagandha has a mild sedative effect that can give a restful sleep.
  • It is a remedy for stomach ulcers as it is cooling and anti-inflammatory.
  • Warm milk and 1 tsp of Ghee is gentle laxative.

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