Herbal remedies for migraine in Ayurveda

Herbal remedies for migraine in Ayurveda

Herbal Remedies and Natural Treatments for Migraines 

A migraine affects our health negatively due to the severe and throbbing pain that it causes. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, more than 80% of people who experience migraines cannot work or function normally during an attack.

Most migraine patients choose to take medication. However, many people are switching to natural therapy, including herbal remedies for migraines, such as meditation and yoga.

Treatments that are high in vitamins, minerals, and herbs and contain specific active substances are among the top herbal migraine prevention remedies used. 


Here Are Some Herbal Remedies For A Migraine


  • Peppermint

Peppermint is beneficial for stopping headaches and reducing sickness when combined with other herbs and mixed in an oil-based treatment. To use, apply it to the body and the forehead area just above the eyebrows. In addition, daily application of peppermint oil can aid in preventing migraine attacks.

Did you know that both culinary and therapeutic uses exist for peppermint leaves and their essential oils? It’s utilized as a headache remedy as well as to relieve:

  • Tremors
  • Toothaches
  • Abdomen discomfort 
  • General sickness symptoms

 The main component of peppermint oil is offered in liquid pill form. For simple brewing, tea variants are also available.

  • Ginger

Numerous medical studies support the use of ginger in the management of headaches. This root has a quick-acting anti-inflammatory effect and works best when taken orally when a headache is present. Therefore, ginger tea would be a prophylactic measure several times a week.

Most people can tolerate extracts, supplements, or fresh or dried ginger root. However, avoid using ginger supplements with blood thinners due to possible drug interactions.

Both ginger pills and ginger tea are pretty simple to find at almost any drugstore or supermarket. Try consuming ginger water as well.

Ginger is utilized as a headache remedy as well as to relieve:

  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Cold and Flu symptoms
  • Capsicum

Cayenne peppers can immediately soothe migraine symptoms. It is typically used by migraine sufferers as a very effective and quick-acting medication that can stop migraine symptoms for about an hour when capsicum is converted to capsaicin and packaged as a nasal spray. In addition, capsicum can prevent migraine attacks when ingested as part of a regular diet. 

  • Feverfew

This attractive wildflower can be found almost everywhere and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. As its name suggests, Feverfew is used to treat viral infections. However it is also used for as an herbal remedy for migraine therapy and has also been proven to help with headache relief. Even though Feverfew may work for many,  pregnant migraine patients should avoid it. 

Feverfew can be used for pain treatment, including headaches and mosquito stings and also the following:

  • Migraines
  • Body discomfort
  • Body irritation
  • Breathing difficulties

The typical method for utilizing feverfew is to dry the leaves, flowers, and stems. Ultimately, extracts and supplements are created using this mix.

  • Valerian

Valerian works as a prophylactic measure for migraine sufferers because it helps with relaxation and stress reduction. Since ancient times, this wildflower’s root and buds have been used to cure neurology and mental disorders. Even Herodotus, regarded as the founder of modern medicine. It is often used to treat a wide range of illnesses and Valerian was referred to as “all-heal” herb in the 1500s. 

Valerian can be used to treat the following:

  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Heart flutters
  • Tremors
  • Anxiousness
  • Rosemary

Rosemary is a standard-essential ingredient in massage therapist oils and lotions. This flavorful and fragrant herb has been used for decades to treat arthritis and joint pain, but studies on how well it works to treat migraine headaches only began in the late 20th century. Rosemary is mainly used as a hypnotic to lessen stress. Most frequent causes of migraine attacks. To do this, the plant can be applied topically to the neck and forehead.

Rosemary treats the following conditions:

  • Joint and muscle aches
  • Memory issues
  • Trouble focusing
  • Nervous system issues
  • Circulation issues
  • Liver problems

Types of migraines?

  • Migraine without an aura

This is the most common type of migraine. The migraine pressure rises over several hours before peaking and lasts 72 hours. This migraine usually occurs a few times a year for those with it. However, they may be diagnosed as severe migraines if they occur more frequently.

  • Migraine with aura

Auras, a term used to describe neural system disruptions, are experienced by some people when they get migraines. Bright patches in the field of vision, tingling feelings, blurred eyesight, hallucinated odors, and irrational movements are examples of auras.

  • Retina headache

An eye with retinal migraines experiences visual loss. However, the visual abnormalities usually affect only the eye, unlike migraines with aura.

  • Persistent migraine

Chronic migraine last three months or more and occurs more than 15 days per month. This recurrence can be highly damaging. A medical evaluation is necessary to develop a treatment strategy and determine whether there is another factor contributing to the frequent occurrence of migraines.

Considerable research indicates that nutrition can significantly impact migraine frequency, duration, and intensity in addition to herbal remedies. Possible herbal remedies for migraine and prevention techniques include:

  • Eating a low diet
  • Foods that cause antibody formation should be avoided or limited.
  • Enhancing gut flora composition
  • Eating regularly to reduce low blood sugar


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