Buttermilk is a dairy product that undergoes the process of natural fermentation. It is the purest source of probiotics which help improve the gut flora and the digestive health.

Chemical composition of Buttermilk:

It contains vitamins, potassium, lactic acid, calcium, traces of phosphorus, protein, along water content. Cultured it has Lactococcus lactis or Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria added to it to produce lactic acid.

Ayurvedic properties and therapeutic uses:

Buttermilk is known as Takra in Ayurveda. An analogy mentioned in Ayurvedic texts compares it to the Nectar of Gods. Buttermilk’s properties vary depending on the method of its preparation, for example buttermilk containing full-fat cream balances Vata and Pitta Doshaes and is nourishing. The buttermilk which contains half or more quantity of water helps to improve digestion.


Ayurvedic properties and therapy health benefits of Buttermilk:

It is comparatively easier to digest than other dairy products and has various health benefits as per Ayurveda, some of them are:

  • It increases urine output, hence useful in urine retention.
  • Also, it is an excellent digestion enhancer by providing the gut with healthy microbiota.
  • It helps in inflammatory conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hemorrhoids and Malabsorption by being the best natural probiotic.
  • Panchakarma procedures in Ayurveda also recommend the use of Buttermilk for external procures such as Takradhara which is useful in Psoriasis.

Ayurvedic uses and home remedies:

  • It can be garnished with black pepper and rock salt is useful to relieve indigestion.
  • In case of flatulence and distended abdomen, cumin and ginger powder can help to reduce abdominal gas.
  • Jaggery added to full fat in it, which is useful to regain strength and reduce exhaustion.

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