Who We Are

We aim to be a trusted resource for community members to learn more about using Ayurvedic treatments to manage their illnesses and navigate their wellness journey.
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Our Mission

We believe that sharing research-supported information about Ayurvedic approaches to wellness empowers individuals to make the best choices for their health.
Too often, people are reactive to their health — only seeking help when they become too ill to continue functioning normally. Instead, The Ayurved Co encourages individuals to be proactive about their health.
Whether you’re entirely new to the practice of Ayurveda or a lifelong learner of its health philosophy, The Ayurved Co welcomes you and hopes to serve you.

Our Products

All of the products sold by The Ayurved Co feature premium ingredients that are proven to support health. Each ingredient is personally selected and reviewed by our own Ayurveda expert who has years of experience developing Ayurvedic products.

We work only with trusted suppliers to ensure our products are sourced with utmost care for both the consumer and the environment. Our products are never tested on animals and adhere to the strictest governmental regulations for paramount consumer safety.


Behind the Scenes

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Our Team

The Ayurved Co was founded by a group of people passionate about wellness. Each member of our team has a unique health journey, but we’re united by our commitment to preventative health support using tried and tested Ayurvedic methods.
Jen Wilson

Jen Wilson

Dr Deepika

Dr Deepika